Passop accuses thugs of terrorising asylum seekers

Refugee rights group, People Against Suffering, Oppression and Poverty, has accused Zanu (PF) of deploying its terror gangs at South African refugee reception centres, where they are allegedly harassing people queuing for asylum permits.

Various human rights groups have previously reported that state security agents are roaming the streets in South Africa, where they carry out surveillance missions on exiled activists.

Passop told The Zimbabwean this week that its investigations had revealed that most of those causing commotion at refugee reception centres are Zanu (PF) plants, known as Magumagumas and Rastas.

Passop Director, Braam Hanekom, said the same terror gangs who abused civilians for supporting the MDC in Zimbabwe, are involved in corruption at the reception centres, where they demand bribes in order for people to keep their positions in the queue.

“It is certainly disturbing to see perpetrators of rape and murder claiming refugee status in South Africa and these are the same elements that often end up tarnishing Zimbabweans’ reputation by committing brutal acts of crime here.”

‘‘We hope that systems can be put in place for asylum seekers to report such people they recognise in the queues to South African police. The police must then be given the power to follow through,” said Hanekom.

“If the South African Department of Home Affairs finds out that people are involved in human rights violations, they can be denied refugee status on that basis,” he added.

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