Police’s ineptitude blamed for Mudzi violence

Two of the seven MDC members, Fungai Mahachi, 42 and Robert Dombo, 35 who were admitted after they were assaulted by Zanu PF hooligans at Chimukoko Business Centre, Mudzi North in Mashonaland East last Saturday were discharged from a Harare hospital last night.

The Mudzi North violence led to the death of Sekuru Cephas Magura, 67, the MDC Ward 1 chairperson due to police’s ineptitudeness.

Speaking after their discharge, Mahachi and Dombo described how the rowdy Zanu PF supporters disrupted the sanctioned rally before attacking them in full view of the police.

“I was attacked by David Chimukoko, Graciano Kazingizi, Clemence Katsinde and George Katsande. When I ran to the police officers seeking protection they locked their doors and drove off at high speed leaving us at the mercy of Zanu PF thugs,” said Dombo.

Chimukoko is Ward councillor for Ward 1 while George is son to Aqualinah Katsande, the Zanu PF MP for Mudzi West.

Six of the Zanu PF murderers have since been arrested.

Mahachi said he failed to understand why the police had allowed Zanu PF to be at the business centre when they knew that MDC had notified them of the meeting seven days before the rally at Chimukoko.

Two Zanu PF MPs, Katsande and Newten Kachepa have been implicated in sponsoring the violence. The night before the incident, they had bussed Zanu PF youths to the venue from nearby farms.

“As the MDC, we want to hold our activities in peace. That is why we went and notified the police but at the end they disappointed us as they failed to rein in the rowdy Zanu PF supporters,” said Mahachi who lost a jacket, US$150 and a cellphone during the attack.

Mahachi and Dombo said despite the sad developments last Saturday, the MDC remained strong in Mudzi and after the burial of Sekuru Magura they will organise another rally at Chimukoko.

Meanwhile, Sekuru Magura will be buried on Sunday at his rural home in Botso village in Mudzi North. Senior MDC leadership and thousands of party members are expected to attend the burial..

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