Report to police if I ban newspapers: Mutasa

The independent media in Zimbabwe remains in the doldrums because it is expensive and remains banned in some areas of the country, University of Zimbabwe lecturer and political analyst, John Makumbe, has said.

Didymus Mutasa
Didymus Mutasa

Speaking at the ongoing MDC-T ideology lecture series under the theme ‘‘Zimbabwe democracy in the intensive care unit’’, Makumbe said the broadcasting sector also remains highly restricted.

“If Didymus Mutasa finds you with a copy of the Daily News in Rusape consider yourself as dead as a dodo. He runs a mafia-like gang that makes sure the paper and other independent voices are not heard and Zimbabweans remain in the dark as to what is going on in the country,” said Makumbe.

He said the broadcasting sector remains in the hands of those aligned to Zanu (PF).

“These people should just go ahead and call the news they produce Zanu (PF) news because it’s nothing but exactly that and I will not pay for a license to listen to that hogwash,” the outspoken Makumbe added, referring to the monopoly by ZBC.

Contacted for comment, Mutasa, Zanu (PF) Secretary for Administration and political “godfather”, denied Makumbe’s claims.

“I have no right or authority to ban a newspaper or anyone and why would I do such a thing. If you believe such rumours it’s your problem and I will not entertain such nonsense. In fact why don’t the people who claim I ban the newspapers report that to the police? I do not like being asked such questions,” Mutasa told The Zimbabwean.

Media reports have accused Mutasa of waging a war against the private media and unofficially banning newspapers in areas like Rusape with other party apparatchiks’ declaring areas in Mutoko no go areas for not only newspapers, but also party members opposed to his party.

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