T.B. Joshua a witch: Kunonga

Kunonga took a swipe at the popular Nigerian prophet of The Synagogue Church of all Nations, T. B. Joshua.“His prophesies are nothing but works of witchcraft. There was nothing to write home about when he prophesised that a head of state from an African country would pass on within 60 days. Though former Malawi President, Bingu

T. B. Joshua.
T. B. Joshua.

WAMutharika, coincidentally passed on a few weeks later, people should not hold the Nigerian prophet in undeserved high esteem. Picking people’s names and prophesying that they would die is un-christian. I am a better prophet than T. B. Joshua,” he said.

Kunonga recognised presence of Zanu (PF) officials who graced the ‘church’ service turned political rally as ‘colleagues we work with’. Notable Zanu (PF) activists, Anthony Jera, Faith Ngoma, Mutizwa Huni, Kahari and others helped organise the gathering, which was shunned by locals.

Zanu (PF) Minister of Information, Webster Shamu, was expected but failed to turn up. Televisioncrews from the state-controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings covered the event.

When the Marondera-based tv cameraman arrived, Kunonga’s bodyguards and advisors could be seen running around and signalling him to stick to the Christian teachings as his speech was being recorded on camera.

“Mugabe and Kunonga’s desperation has reached alarming levels. Fear is written all over Kunonga’s body,” said a church member who attended the gathering without any clue that it would be turned into a Zanu (PF) rally.

Chief Lovemore ZendaSvosve could be seen shaking his head in disbelief before leaving the gathering as Kunonga started preaching hate politics. A Zanu (PF) district official, Kahari, was slotted in as the Chief’s representative.

He gave a speech praising Zanu (PF) on behalf of the departed chief. By then, the gathering had dwindled to less than 60 people.

The closing prayer was delivered by an army Chaplain, who told the gathering that time had come for Christians to roll up their sleeves and punch whites.

Kunonga is going around the country, with the state media in tow, campaigning for Mugabe and Zanu (PF). His next stopping point is Kariba next Saturday.

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