Violence on the increase: CHRA

Violence is on the increase and most of it is politically motivated, a recent survey by the Combined Harare Residents Association has found.

“Zanu (PF) is still holding on to council premises, from which council is supposed to be earning rent. But all the money is being pocketed by the party’s youth militia. Only a quarter of business operators in Mbare pay the monthly service charges. Most operators who do not sympathize with Zanu (PF) have been chased away from Magaba, Siyaso, Mupedzanhamo and Masimbi,” says the report.

CHRA reported previously that Mbare market stalls have been turned into Zanu (PF) districts, with regular party meetings being held and funds collected. Now it says the party has penetrated residential areas.

“A classic example is Carter House which was violently seized by Chipangano and currently houses more than 20 youth militia. Efforts by council to regain the property have on several occasions proved to be bloody, as these youths can simply unleash violence without fear of consequences,” says the report.

It adds that “about 87.5% of residents who were knowledgeable of national institutions like JOMIC and the organ on national healing said these bodies had failed to mitigate violence”. Research found that residents were still being coerced to attend Zanu (PF) rallies and those who refuse to do so are marked for retribution.

Residents have called on the government to address the operations of the police force “because statements alone will not put to end violence”.

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