Water crisis looms

The City Council is set to decommission two major water supply dams in July this year, plunging the city into a serious water crisis. Upper Ncema Dam has already been decommissioned. Council spokesperson, Nesisa Mpofu, said water levels in the supply dams were at 48% and rapidly falling. Bulawayo has five major dams - Insiza, Lower Ncema, Umzingwane, Upper Ncema and Inyankuni. The current city’s daily water consumption rate is 114 975 cubic metres a day.

The city faces perennial water shortages, attributed to increasing demand. The population is now about 1, 5 million and the last dam was commissioned in 1976. The dams are also heavily silted due to upstream gold panning.

Last year the city’s major, Thaba Moyo told The Zimbabwean that the city needed a new supply dam every 10 years to meet its increasing water demand.

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