When Mugabe speaks peace, his supporters act violent

“Blessed are the peace makers, for they shall be called the children of God”, so says the Bible. But when Robert Mugabe preaches peace, his followers act violence.

The late Lawyer Jakara: He was fatally assaulted by Zanu PF thugs in Mudzi West in June 2008
The late Lawyer Jakara: He was fatally assaulted by Zanu PF thugs in Mudzi West in June 2008

This is the realty Zimbabweans have learnt to live with since independence. This year, on Independence Day, Mugabe called for people to tolerate their differences so that they live in peace. So clear was his message to the nation that many believed him.

Even his opponents showered praise on him. But alas, as he was preaching his peace gospel, his party’s violent machinery was busy at work in Epworth. Samson Mupiro, an MDC ward youth chairperson sustained serious injuries after he was heavily assaulted by Zanu PF youths led by Teddymore Chari.

Mupiro’s crime is that of being an MDC activist. Surprisingly, no arrests have been made to this day.If Zanu PF supporters choose to act against their leader’s sound advice, then this is a bad sign of what lies ahead of the peace loving Zimbabweans.

Maybe, it was just political grandstanding from a leader whose party is faced with a humiliating defeat, come elections.While Mugabe was delivering his peace sermon, his ruddy youths were booing and chanting anti-MDC slogans right under his nose.

For him to pretend that he saw no evil and heard no evil will be naive. For the record, this is not the first time that Zanu PF supporters attacked their opponents while their leader preaches love, peace and harmony. Last year, MDC supporters were assaulted at Parliament as Mugabe was talking peace.

Hwange Central MP and news reporters were beaten in parliament during a public hearing. In all cases, the police was present but could not effect any arrest and Mugabe never said anything.Regretting political violence without taking necessary steps to curb it is not enough.

This is not the first time Zimbabweans have heard this. After the death of Dr. Joshua Nkomo, Mugabe said Gukurahundi was an act of madness. However, these acts have been repeated so many times and the perpetrator remains the same.

Those who commit acts of madness are mad and constitutionally should not be allowed to run this country or else they will continue to ruin it.During the early years of our independence, Mugabe said ‘Zvigutsa ngazvigoborwe’ (Remove stumbing blocks). This was with reference to Zapu supporters in the Midlands and Matebeleland regions.

What then followed was a violent campaign led by the North Korean trained 5th Brigade. Although Dr. Nkomo had said ‘We are a people together,’ Mugabe with his isu tisu chete (we, alone) attitude could not have that.Then in 2007, Mugabe’ merchants violently disrupted a prayer meeting at Zimbabwe Grounds in Harare’s Highfield Suburb. President Tsvangirai and other civic leaders were severely beaten.

Instead of condemning the barbaric action by the State, Mugabe glorified it saying; ‘Akadashurwa’ (He was crashed). These are the words and actions of a statesman. Zimbabweans should make a clear statement to these merchants of violence and their ever-apologising chefs. A ‘never again’ attitude should guide us as a nation and we must refuse to be trampled upon. Apologies that come each time the nation prepares for an election are an insult to those aggrieved .In fact, it is adding insult to injury.

While a few will take Mugabe for his word, the majority would like to hear about healing the wounds caused by Zanu PF’s madness before any talk of elections. The people of Zimbabwe know very well that this madness will be with us come election time. But for now, Zimbabweans need healing and not elections.As Mugabe was sweet-talking the masses, his henchman, Christopher Mutsvangwa, Webster Shamu, Saviour Kasukuwere and Ignatius Chombo were spiting venom against the 2008 Presidential winner, President Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC Party.

Mugabe did not reprimand them so as to prove his sermon of non-violence. Hate speech that Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation which is Zanu PF’s defacto mouthpiece, Mbare Chimurenga choir and all those in this sunset party use is the major trigger of violence. What they sing, they would want to act and what they act , they would want to sing. Elliot Manyika sang Zanu ndeyeropa (Zanu means blood) and the next thing was violence and bloodshed.

The history of violence is deep-rooted in Zanu PF. In fact, this culture is as old as Zanu PF itself. Mugabe should start his peace crusade in his own stable; a stable that boost of degrees in violence. Giving a leader a benefit of doubt is a dangerous gamble. Mugabe and his Zanu PF must walk the talk, at least for now as they are definitely moving into the political dustbin.

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