WOZA urges re-think over immunity for President

WOZA expressed concern at a number of disappointing clauses in the draft constitution and urged COPAC to address these in the second draft. These include:

• Presidential immunity while in office – this puts the incumbent above the law

• Lack of maximum age limit for the President

• The large size of the National Assembly – we cannot afford such extravagance

• The large size of the Cabinet – we would prefer to cap it at 200.

• The inclusion of chiefs in the Senate – if they belong anywhere it is in the Provincial Assemblies

• The inclusion of the TRC only as a transition mechanism and permitting it to grant immunity in exchange for confessions We are deeply concerned that the following issues are yet to be resolved:

• Devolution of power to elected Provincial and Local Authorities – these must be a mainstay of our democracy which brings government closer to the people, decentralising decision-making and control of resources

• The matter of number of Vice Presidents – we obviously only need and can only afford one and cannot be swayed by Zanu (PF) internal politics

• The number of seats in the national Assembly and the Senate

• The issue of dual citizenship.

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