ZCTU attacks Chinese employers

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) led by Lovemore Matombo has castigated the Chinese operating in this country for flouting labour and environmental laws with impunity.

Lovemore Matombo
Lovemore Matombo

Speaking at the May Day commemorations at Harare Gardens today (Tuesday) Secretary General of the faction, Raymond Majongwe described the Chinese as more "Zimbabwean than the Zimbabwean".

"Chinese employers are protected by people in Zanu Pf and they do what they want here. They beat our people and kill our tortoise but nothing has ever happened to them. They kill our animals but they are never arrested but in their countries they hang people for three grammes of heroine," said Majongwe.

Majongwe said the Chinese companies were not at all affected by the ongoing indigenisation programme.

"Chinese mining companies are operating all day long, looting our resources but nothing is happening to them. We have mining companies who are protected by Zanu Pf yet workers at these premises are abused every day," said Majongwe.

Majongwe echoed the sentiments by Mavambu/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) Interim Secretary for Economic affairs who accused Zanu-Pf and President Mugabe in particular of creating a super Zimbabwean group out of the Chinese.

Speaking at a local hotel in the capital Sachikonye said: "The Chinese are now indigenous Zimbabweans and that means approximately 50 000 votes in the direction of Zanu Pf and President Mugabe, because their being here has nothing to do with economics but the push to pilfer the country's resources."

'But our question is; is there a reciprocal diplomatic exchange which regards Zimbabweans as indigenous Chinese and I can tell you now that there is none so by default we are being colonised through the back door," said Sachikonye.

She said the Chinese do not fit in Zimbabwe's cultural system.

"These people (the Chinese) do not fit in our value system or culture, but because our tired friends in Zanu Pf would want as much votes as they can get, the kind of treatment they are getting almost imply they will also get the right to vote, "Sachikonye said.

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