ZCTU divisions mar Workers day

The divisive ghost haunting the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions had an impact of the Workers day commemorations that were poorly attended here on Tuesday.

Chikangwe stadium in Karoi town, about200 kilometresnorth west of Harare, one of the venues announced through flyers, was deserted on Workers Day.

Some affiliates of the ZCTU said they did not know which faction to follow.

"We could not coordinate and organise a fruitfulday for the workers due to the ongoing battle to control the ZCTU atnational level. We are not sure of the legitimate leadership here," said a disgruntled member from General Agriculture and Plantation Workers (Gapwuz).

The ZCTU split it two groupings last year following a fight for leadership. One is led by former president Lovemore Matombo while George Nkiwane shepherds.

Nkiwane was voted by 160 of the 165 delegates who attended the congress last year where Matombo was ousted but the latter has since challenged the outcome of the elections in the courts.

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