Zvorwadza fumes as case postponed

Businessman and human rights activist Stendrick Zvorwadza has questioned President Robert Mugabe’s sincerity in sticking to the ideals of the liberation struggle.

He spoke to The Zimbabwean after the court case, in which he is accused of threatening to kill two Zanu (PF) activists who he accused of being members of Chipangano was deferred to May 4.

“It’s astounding that a Zimbabwean citizen is denied his right to operate a business in Mbare, less than 10kmfrom Mugabe’s office and residence.Over 50 people led by Clifford Mazarura and Clever Ntabende approached me saying I was starting a paraffin business in the area without a ZANU (PF) card. They accused me of espousing MDC ideals. This business could employ at least 30 people.Its value runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars and after showing maturity and asking these thugs to go to a police station where I thought I would get justice- I was arrested,” said a livid Zvorwadza.

He said he was held incommunicado for hours after police refused him access to his lawyer, while he only came to know of his charges a day after being arrested. He denies the charges.

“I was arrested on January 28 by Assistant Inspector Kashamba well before anyone filed a complaint with the police at Matapi Police Station. This police station’s condition was in 2004 declared inhuman and degrading by the Supreme Court but the police continue to detain people there in clear violation of the highest court in the land and for that we will be making an application to have Matapi closed,” said Zvorwadza, who is also the spokesperson for an activist group, Restoration of Human Rights. He said Mugabe’s peace talk was hollow.

“He should reign in his people. Chipangano is a creation of Zanu (PF) and only Mugabe and his lieutenants can stop them,” said Zvorwadza.

Chipangano has recently disrupted the establishment of a fuel station worth over $1.5 million and the construction of blocks of flats funded by the Bill Gates Foundation.

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