Chiadzwa man demands 15 houses for wives

A polygamous JohanneMarange Apostolic Church member, Philemon Kaiboni, has refused to be relocated to ArdaTransau, insisting that he be built 15 detached houses for his wives and children.

About 1,000 families from Chiadzwa diamond fields were late last year relocated to the property Odzi, formerly owned by the Agricultural Rural Development Authority.

Anjin Investments, the Chinese diamondmining company responsible for the relocation, had offered to build a 10 bed-roomed house for the whole family and 14 separate thatched kitchens for Kaiboni’s wives.

But Kaiboni is refusing, saying: “I was not consulted when Anjin made that decision. I want 15 four-roomed houses to be built for all my wives.”

The District Administrator, Simon Sigauke, said an urgent meeting had been sought with Kaiboni. “His demands would open a pandora’s box as there are several households with more than one wife who were allocated one house only,” he said.

Kaiboni remains holed up at ARDA dairy farm, a temporary homestead he was given pending construction of the new homestead.

Anjin had already built 14 thatched cooking huts and14 Blair toilets. It has completed 474 housing units for other villagers, who have already moved in.

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