Chief forcing villagers to pay defense for Magura killers

Chief Otilia Chimukoko has allegedly been leading ZANU PF activists in the Mudzi North area of Mashonaland East, forcing villagers to contribute money for a legal fund to assist the ZANU PF members accused of murdering an MDC-T official last month.

SW Radio Africa correspondent Lionel Saungweme said Otilia Chimukoko, who is one of the few female chiefs in the country and has been a ZANU PF loyalist since age 13, is moving around the Chimukoko area with Never Makita, Dudzai Kamhaka and another activist identified as Nyamuromo.

They are demanding that each villager pay $1 and that each village should collect at least $50 or there will be violent punitive actions. The villagers are being told openly that the money is to go towards a ZANU-PF purse, established to provide legal fees for the seven party members accused of murdering old man Cephas Magura.

Magura, who was the MDC-T chairman for Ward One Mudzi North, was killed by a ZANU PF mob of about 300 who attacked 70 MDC-T activists at a rally at Chimukoko Business centre. The seven were arrested after the murder in May, a murder which shocked the country.

“Chief Otilia Chimukoko is known for violence in that area and her name was associated with attacks on the MDC members during the 2008 elections. She is the type that is known to lead from the front,” Saungweme explained. He added that Otilia became chief at age 13, appointed by ZANU PF.

Saungweme said ZANU PF is trying to disassociate themselves from Sekuru Magura’s accused killers, because the incident received a lot of bad press. “This is why they don’t seem to be paying for the legal team. It’s just a strategy,” our correspondent explained.

He said ZANU PF activists in the Mudzi area continue to make public threats against anyone who supports the MDC formations. According to trusted sources Ward 2 Councillor Jivas Chiutsa and a war vet named Peter Chari were seen at Dendera Business Centre on Tuesday, threatening to kill MDC supporters in the same way that Magura was killed.

The Mudzi disrict of Mashonaland East has been tense since the murder three weeks ago and people have been staying at home whenever possible. Saungweme said the area is controlled by “die-hard” loyal ZANU PF supporters. SW Radio Africa

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