Chihuri stuns congregants

Police Commissioner General, Augustine Chihuri, took congregants at a church service aback when he recently turned a church sermon into a political rally. He was addressing members of the force and recruits who are set to pass out on June 14 and 18 at a church service held at Morris Depot in Harare.

Taking a leaf from Zanu (PF) politicians, now famous for turning social gatherings into political platforms, the self-confessed party zealot attacked perceived ‘colonial masters’ who he said were trying to colonize Zimbabwe through ‘remote control’.

“In the first place, Zimbabwe must be for Zimbabweans and not outsiders. It is your duty to make sure people are living in peace and not under the remote control of former colonizers,” said Chihuri.

He also lambasted foreign prophets, saying they were visiting Zimbabwe merely to gain popularity. “Some prophets are coming here for the wrong purpose. They want to override our own preachers and our own way of doing things. They must go back and shine in their own countries,” he said.

In a veiled attack on TB Joshua, the Nigerian pastor who has gained fame for making accurate prophecies, Chihuri said: “They are saying a lot of bad things about Zimbabwe, calling it a small country, yet in their own countries many disasters are happening, planes are crashing and people are dying every day.”

Chihuri said law enforcement was the core business of the police force and urged the congregants to safeguard Zimbabwe’s sovereignty. A former war veteran, he is one of the security chiefs who have refused to salute Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, dismissing his MDC party as a puppet of western governments. Twenty seven squads of police recruits are scheduled to pass out this month.

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