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MDC-T Chief staffer goes to trial

The case of MDC-T Chief of Protocol, Abisha Nyanguwo, accused of bombing Zanu (PF) offices, will now proceed to trial even though police had asked for more time to finalise investigations.

Gweru Magistrate, Florence Nago, ruled that the trial should commence on 12 July.

Prosecutor Michael Mhene alleged that on 27 December Nyanguwo planted explosives at the Zanu (PF) offices before igniting them and speeding away.

A witness, ArchfoldTumbare, whose testimony will only be found in an affidavit, reportedly identified the accused’s vehicle registration number and kept the information to himself.

He informed police on 19 March 2012.

Nyanguwo’s lawyer, Reginald Chidawanyika, says the state has no case at all because his client never committed the crime. The lawyer is questioning the credibility of the witness, who he revealed will not be cross-examined.

He asked why the witness took three months to report the case when it was widely publicised in the media and the police called upon anyone with information on the case to approach them.

“The charges are a figment of the witness’s imagination. There is no case at all and no sane person can believe that the state’s case has any merit,” Chidawanyika said.

When the case was first heard two months ago, Nyanguwo said he had been abused by Central Intelligence Organisation operatives. – Brenna Matendere

Rapist breaks down in court

A convicted rapist, Martin Matare (32), broke down and wept in the Magistrates Court here last Thursday, as Provincial Magistrate Marvis Kadumba slapped him with an 18 year jail sentence for raping a school girl in Hwedza.

Matare identified himself to the victim as Blessing Tsikai, a notorious rapist on the police wanted list in Mashonaland East Province.

According to the state case, Mapako followed the unsuspecting girl on her way from the grinding mill and caught up with her at a donga near Mudawafa Mountain.

He threatened her with an iron bar, grabbed her by the throat and then raped her twice.

The girl reported the incident to authorities at Barnabas School, who notified the police. She was hospitalised for a week to recover from the trauma and injuries.

“Rape leaves victims traumatised for life and violates their womanhood and integrity. The offence attracts a harsh sentence as anything less would trivialise this brutal act in the eyes of society,” said the magistrate. – Jane Makoni

Bogus cop up for rape

A taxi driver who allegedly masqueraded as a police officer before raping a young woman has been hauled before the court here.

According to the state case, Mayiti Kwasvu (29) of Dombotombo, who was employed as a taxi driver, bumped into the woman, Faith Majengwa, as she relieved herself by the roadside on 22 April.

Kwasvu allegedly identified himself as a police officer and demanded a $15 spot fine from the complainant for the offence.

When the complainant indicated that she had no cash, Kwashu led her to his house where he asked for sexual favours as an option for the fine.

The complainant turned down his advances, at which he forced himself on her. The complainant made a police report at Dombotombo Police Station, leading to Kwasvu’s arrest.

Kwasvu is pleading not guilty to the charges. In his defense, he told the court that he had consensual sex with the complainant.

“She charged me $10 for a brief sexual encounter. She only proceeded to make a police report after I failed to pay for her services,” said the accused who was remanded in custody. The trial continues. – Jane Makoni

Hi-jacker jailed

GWERU – A 31-year-old Gweru man who robbed a local businessman of his vehicle at knife point will was slapped with a 10 year jail term by regional magistrate Joseph Mabez. Three years were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

Prosecutor Tafadzwanashe Mpariwa told the court that sometime in 2009 Nyahuna and his friend, who is still at large, approached Taruvinga Temba and asked for transport.

Temba agreed and charged the duo R80. When they reached Montrose, Nyahuna and his friend asked the complainant to stop and forked out a $100 note, which Temba identified as fake.

When Temba advised the two that their money was fake, they produced knives and a pistol and ordered him to surrender all his belongings, including the car. He managed to escape.

However, Temba succeeded shortly to seek assistance leading to the arrest of the accused.

The magistrate said only a jail term would meet justice and send a clear message to would-be criminals that crime does not pay. – Brenna Matendere

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