Don’t politicize NGOs: Chief

A 23-year-old chief has urged villagers not to politicize non-governmental organizations working in his constituency, while chiefs elsewhere in the country lambasted the government for neglecting them.

Speaking at the signing ceremony of a community-based programme at Masasa Business Centre on Thursday, Chief Chimombe said there was a need to respect NGOs.

“If someone wants to give us a helping hand, we shouldn’t give him political names. We must let them give us assistance,” he said.

The Community Based Planning Document was signed by officials from Buhera District Council including the District Administrator, Rolland Madondo, and officials from the Switzerland Embassy, together with the US AID.

In Manicaland, on the sidelines of a Provincial Development Roadmap meeting on Monday, chiefs addressed the failure of the previous Zanu (PF) government to build decent homes for traditional leaders.

They claimed that the Zanu (PF) government had promised to make amends at independence in 1980, but the men were still living in squalid conditions.

“They should provide clean water in wells and build a Blair toilet for each household,” said Chief Katerere of Nyanga.

He said there were rural housing funds that NGOs wanted to establish, but they had faced resistance from Zanu (PF) veterans.

“There are some donor agencies who want to build small bridges free of charge for rural communities and dispensaries in villages to give out medicines, but due to political reasons the NGOs have withdrawn their services. This will reduce patients at clinics and district hospitals.”

Chief Musikavanhu from Chipinge said that he was hopeful that the donor community could help rebuild their communities.

“The NGOs have brought about big changes in the communities. They want to build houses for teachers as part of their various projects, but it is unfortunate that some of our leaders are blocking such efforts,” he said.- Tatenda Kunaka

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