Elections: Zimbabweans want to breathe

Edward Chizikani, an MDC-T supporter, reveals scars on his back and shoulders that serve as a reminder of the treatment he received from a group of Zanu (PF) militia in May 2008.

Four years later, President Robert Mugabe is insisting that elections be held this year, despite strong opposition from other political parties, civil society and the international community.

Chizikaniis just one of many voters who fear that an election so soon would only see the country slide into another cycle of political violence. “I feel there is too much anger and fear among people. The country is not yet ready for elections,” said Chikizani. “Zimbabweans have not healed from the election trauma of 2008. We need more time to have confidence in the electoral system.”

“We are tired of election violence. The parties should consult us first because we will tell them that this peaceful transition period should go on for some time,” said George Mhakure, a villager from Buhera.

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