Father kills son to sell body parts

Mozambican police on Tuesday confirmed the arrest of a citizen who killed, decapitated and cut off the genitals of his own son to sell to a trafficker of human organs for 500,000 meticais (about 18,000 US dollars at current exchange rate).

The crime occurred in the district of Manhica in the southern province of Maputo. The murderer then took the body parts to the town of Chokwe, in the neighbouring province of Gaza, where he intended to deliver the body parts to the buyer.

Speaking to reporters during his weekly meeting with the press, the national spokesperson for the Mozambican police, Pedro Cossa, explained that the buyer failed to show up at the previously agreed meeting point, so the killer decided to visit his own father who also lives in the region.

“His father was already aware of what had happened in Manhica and noticed that his son was distraught. Asked about the problem, the perpetrator confessed the crime to his father, who reported the case to the police”, explained Cossa.

According to police, the criminal decided to kill his own son when he was unable to identify a child with the same features as demanded by the buyer.

The rest of the body was later found in the village of Taninga, in the district of Manhica.

In recent years Mozambican authorities have expressed their concern with the increasing number of cases of trafficking of human organs. In most cases the organs are used by witchdoctors to produce “lucky charms” or perform other superstitious rituals in the belief that their clients will become rich or succeed in life.

Last week the police also arrested two individuals in the western province of Tete in possession of a human ear. The police believe that the suspects, residents in the administrative post of Domue, in the neighbouring province of Sofala, where on their way to sell the severed ear.

In an unrelated incident, a mob from Milange district, in the province of Zambezia, vandalised the home a 49 old woman for her alleged involvement in human organ trafficking.

However, the police argue that these allegations are unfounded and they arise because she is a successful woman and neighbours were unable to explain the source of her income.

“Misinformed residents broke into her house and vandalised her property, claiming she is dealing with human organs”, said the spokesperson.

Cossa added that she has just returned from Portugal where she lived for some time.

According to Cossa, five people have been arrested, believed to be the mob leaders.

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