GMB handouts for Zanu (PF)

The Grain Marketing Board has been distributing food aid under its grain loan scheme at Zanu (PF) offices in Chipinge, it has been established.

Villagers at Checheche Growth point told The Zimbabwean that the grain utility, under unclear circumstances, had been giving out grain from a building owned by the party’s shadow Chipinge South MP, Enock Porusingazi.

The building is not accessible to MDC supporters and villagers said they were disgruntled by Zanu (PF)’s manipulation of food aid ahead of general elections.

A Zanu (PF) member, who refused to be named, said party supporters attended meetings before food was distributed.

“At our meetings, it is agreed if you are not from Zanu (PF), you don’t get any food from the GMB,” he said.

Villagers said MDC supporters were being refused food aid.

“We are not even informed that there is food available for distribution, but then we see other people carrying bags of maize,’’ said a villager.

Huchenani area village head, Mutape Mangiza Huchenani, said the situation was disturbing.

“Obviously, we are against the interference of politicians in the GMB food aid. This should be left to traditional and community leaders,” he said.

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