Gunman evicts teacher

Teachers at Gozi Secondary School are living in fear after a gunman moved in to one of their houses. The so-called “soldier” claimed he was allocated the school house by the local area councilor, Mercy Chikonyora. However, Chikonyora denied the claim.

When schools opened in May, the school head, Rita Kamusewu, went to Harare and her deputy, Gledis Dongo, was at a workshop in Kotwa. During the absence of the senior teachers, the self-proclaimed soldier invaded the school and demanded keys for Dongo’s house from a relief teacher, Tonderai Tore.

“I told him I was too junior to allow him into Dongo’s house, but the man wouldn’t listen,” said Tore.

When Dongo returned, she asked the man to leave but he refused. “I could do nothing. I phoned the head about what had transpired and she told me to report the matter to the School Development Committee chairperson, Edward Chitare. Chitare tried to evict the man, but the stranger stood his ground.”

Gozi is a politically volatile area notorious for the “short-sleeves” where Zanu (PF) thugs allegedly hacked off the arms of suspected former opposition MDC members in the run-up to the 2008 presidential run-off.

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