LED street lights cut bill by 80%

It was all glitz and glamour in the City of Kings, as the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Amen Mpofu, officially switched on Light Emitting Diodes (LED) street lamps in Main Street recently.

Deputy Mayer Cllr Amen Mpofu switches on the new LED street lighting.
Deputy Mayer Cllr Amen Mpofu switches on the new LED street lighting.

The eventmarked a milestone, as the municipality steps up efforts to conserve power and reduce its operating costs. This will help it channel much needed funds to other priorities, enhancing service delivery.

Mpofu outlined the socio-economic and environmental benefits of switching from the traditional forms of street lighting to the latest LED technology.

“Today sees the culmination of months of work and the technology on display this evening is the most efficient and effective public lighting available in the world. It places the City of Bulawayo in the forefront of progressive thinking and management techniques. It will reduce council’s lighting bill by over 80%, and has huge benefits for the environment and the quality of life for residents.

“As Service Delivery is central to council’s obligation to residents and ratepayers, we note that with your help, council is striving to restore the city to its once legendary status as the best managed local authority in Africa. This provides the city’s administration with an opportunity to employ the latest technology which maximises the use of every dollar from the rate-payer. Adequate lighting will ensure that residents are safe to use our streets at night and improve visibility for drivers,” he said.

Research by the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust, revealed that the council would save up to $1,8 million if it made a complete transition to LED street lighting.

LEDs cut electricity consumption by 88 percent, limit fault finding costs and reduce significantly the negative environmental impact of power generation.

The new lighting system, installed along the whole length of Main Stree, was donated by ZDDT and was installed by Alternative Energy Consultants with the assistance of the city’s engineers.

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