Mimiboards- the virtual noticeboard

The Zimbabwean is delighted to announce the launch of four Mimiboards in collaboration with Umuntu Media. A Mimiboard is like a traditional noticeboard – only virtual. Anyone can post a notice to a shared Mimiboard and get a real-time view of what is important to the Zimbabwean community. You can use SMS, the Web, Android, or your feature phone to post and read on Mimiboards, making it easy to connect with the Zimbabwean community, wherever you are.

Mimiboards are taking off across Africa, and recently won the app demo competition at the Open Innovation Summit in Nairobi, Kenya. Umuntu Media won the award out of a field of over 10 mobile apps at the event held to explore innovations that are successfully addressing many of the challenges facing Africa today. Mimiboards bring communities together in a way that has never been done before in Africa, and The Zimbabwean is proud to bring it to its readers today.

We have launched Mimiboards for diaspora communities in South Africa, but other regions will get their own soon! We have dedicated boards for the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, and Gauteng regions of South Africa. Each community gets their own board to keep track of news updates, responses to newspaper stories, opinions, events – anything involving Zimbabweans!

Like that story you just read in The Zimbabwean? Hosting an event and want other Zimbabweans to know about it? Looking for updates on the latest news? Want to find out the latest score? Want to debate last week’s match with fellow supporters? Have a great tip-off that you want our journalists to investigate? Any story ideas you think The Zimbabwean should cover? Think The Zimbabwean needs to do things a little differently? Want to make your opinion known on COPAC? Post a comment on our Mimiboards and start the discussion.

In short, if you have any idea, any opinion, or any event that you think other Zimbabweans would like to know about, post it on our Mimiboards!

Our Mimiboards are up and running on our website and our Facebook page. To check them out, click on “Community Notices” on our website and Facebook page, or visit this link: http://www.thezimbabwean.co.uk/community-notices

You can also get started through SMS. To stick up a message via SMS, use one of four keywords, depending on your area.

If you want to post to the Western Cape board, text ‘ZIMWC + message’ to 34247.

If you want to post to the KwaZulu-Natal board, text ‘ZIMKZN + message’ to 34247.

If you want to post to the Limpopo board, text ‘ZIMLP + message’ to 34247.

If you want to post to the Gauteng board, text ‘ZIMGP + message’ to 34247.

Any questions? Need some help? Post a comment on our Facebook page, send a tweet to @thezimbabwean, or send an SMS to our Mimiboards and we’ll be happy to help.

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