Mutema: perseverance bring success

Most Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, especially in neighbouring South Africa, live from hand to mouth - hopping from one exploitative employer to the next, in the futile hope that they will one day strike a fortune.

Andrew Mutema: One day I will go home and help re-build my homeland.
Andrew Mutema: One day I will go home and help re-build my homeland.

Andrew Mutema was determined to be different. He tried his hand in the world of business and in less than four years has become a big fish in the transportation business, having won contracts with companies here and across the region.

“Having migrated to South Africa in search of better economic opportunities, I worked at various local companies and realised that my life would not get any better if continued to be someone else’s employee,” he told The Zimbabwean recently.

“I then looked at the various fields in which I had worked, to find the most suitable venture. Having worked in the construction industry and also carrying a related qualification, I chose to start there,” he said.

Gweru-born Mutema, 32, holds a diploma in civil engineering. He started his own construction company in early 2008.

“We began with sub-contracts – from bricklaying and painting to paving and ceiling. This showed me that there were plenty of opportunities in this country for those brave enough to take the risks,”said the young entrepreneur.

As transportation of his own workers took a toll on the business, which continued to win lucrative contracts, Mutema bought a small pick-up truck to ferry his workers to their various sites and home.

“I later realised that most employers in the same field struggled to transport their workers and, to expand on my business opportunities, I negotiated and won contracts to transport those workers daily. This was the beginning of my transport business,” he added.

As the new business continued to grow, Mutema upgraded from his Ford Ranger pickup to a Hyundai truck. He began to negotiate contracts to transport various consignments locally and to other countries in the region.

With his purse fattening and opportunities abounding, hecontinued to expand and now employs 40 drivers, mostly from Zimbabwe.His contracts include a tender to transport furniture, construction removals and army food ferrying for both the South African and other regional governments.

“My ambition is to eventually run the region’s biggest transport company and I have invested a lot in achieving that dream. I know it will not be an easy task, but it is achievable. It is not easy to start and stay in business, but aiming high, keeping one’s focus and remaining dedicated to whatever you do can get you there,” said Mutema.

One of his ambitions is to return home and help rebuild Zimbabwe.

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