No flights to Kariba

Solenta Aviation cancelled flights from Harare to Kariba last month, leaving tourists with no option but to find alternative transportation to the area.

Nigel Ncube, the Kariba Publicity Association Chairman, said that as no other operators flew regularly to Kariba, the tourists “will have to travel by road or charter a private plane”.

Solenta Aviation has also pulled routes to Bumi Hills, Victoria Falls, and Hwange. Rob Killick, Managing Director of Solenta Aviation, said the economic environment in Zimbabwe was to blame.

“The current political environment, coupled with the economic situation within the country, has not been conducive to our operations and has therefore left us with no option but to seek contracts elsewhere. After two years of operations in Zimbabwe, we had hoped there would be growth in the touristsector, but this has just not materialised,” Killick said.

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