“Peace in my Hood”- June 16 Commemorations

On Saturday 16 June 2012, Heal Zimbabwe hosted The Day of the African Child youth commemorations at Unit L community Hall in Chitungwiza. The day started off around 9am with poetry, dance and singing competitions. The competitions were coined around the theme of promoting PEACE in Chitungwiza. The day followed with performances from XQ, King Labash, Ciller Fox, Dj Galactic, Amagesh and Amigos crew. To wrap up the day was the youth soccer tournament which saw two under 16 teams from Chitungwiza b

The event was also attended by members of the police who took time to talk to the youth about the need to uphold peace in Chitungwiza and resist being used to instigate political violence. Sergeant Major Maenda from the police public relations department who spoke on behalf of the police warned the youth against being used by politicians and stated firmly that those who will be found in the wrong side of the law with be arrested without fear or favour.

Heal Zimbabwe managed to collect 5 000 phone numbers from the youth who attended the event through a Pledge for peace raffle ticket competition where one youth was given a raffle ticket and was supposed to write five other numbers for his/her friends in order to enter the competition. All those who participated are now part of the Heal Zimbabwe Peace animators programme where follow up peace activities will be made with the youth including encouraging them to go and register to vote and fully participate in the upcoming elections. It is Heal Zimbabwe’s contention that the PEACE gala which was highly attended will go a long way in acting as a reminder to the youth on the need to uphold peace and stability in the area.

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