Polarisation the problem: activist

A South African civil rights leader this week blamed Zimbabwe’s stuttering push for full-fledged democracy on extreme polarisation.


Despite the formation of a national unity government three years ago,Zimbabwean political parties are still pulling in different directions and Gcina Mahlasela, a member of the National Education Health and Allied Workers, said this was undermining the push for democracy and economic prosperity in the country.

“Zimbabweans need unity to identify who the enemy is because this mistrust of each other is not taking them anywhere,” said Mahlasela.

He was speaking during a recent briefing on the constitutional reformprocess in Zimbabwe, organised by the Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum inJohannesburg.

“During the apartheid era, South Africans knew who their enemy was and directed their efforts towards defeating that enemy, but Zimbabweans do not have the same spirit”.

“They need to consolidatetheir effort towards the constitutional reform exercise, then hold elections that will restore democracy,” he added.

His comments came after Jessie Majome, the Deputy Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, who is also a member of the Constitutional Select Committee, highlighted the difficulties that Copac faced while trying to open Zimbabwe’s constitution.

Majome said what came out of the charter was a compromise between Zanu (PF),MDC-T and the smaller MDC faction led by Welshman Ncube.

Dewa Mavhinga, Regional Coordinator of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, said Zimbabweans did know what they were fighting against.

“The enemy is the Zanu (PF) system of governance, which has corrupted society and corrupted the people,” said Mavhinga.”

People have been subjected to fear by a system that rejects democracy and submits to kleptocracy, a system that does not question leadership and has laws created to suppress the people. Mugabe has continued to use the same template (inherited from colonial times) to suppress Zimbabweans, but people know that they need to smash the Zanu (PF) system and start afresh.”

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