POSA helped Zanu (PF) stay in power

The Pubic Order Security Act has just helped Zanu (PF) stay in power and failed to protect ordinary citizens as police continue to selectively apply the law, a legislator has charged.

“The Public Order Security Act has not helped the people of Zimbabwe but a group of individuals to survive. How is the police using it (POSA) to promote peace in this country? Are they are (only) using it to make sure that dissenting voices are crushed?’’ Kambuzuma MP, Willias Madzimure, said during debate on the presidential speech this week.

POSA was introduced in 2002 by a Zanu (PF) dominated parliament and amended in 2007 to remove some undemocratic provisions.

Many regard Posa, which basically guides public order, as an act that helped President Robert Mugabe consolidate his power.

Since its promulgation, there has been a persistent outcry that the police, whose Commissioner General, Augustine Chihuri, is an avowed Zanu (PF) supporter, have used it to ban or disrupt opposition parties’ political gatherings and to arrest its leaders on spurious grounds.

Human rights activists and political parties say almost all the people arrested and charged for violating Posa are Zanu (PF)’s political opponents.

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