Tichafa Mayora released from police custody

Tichafa Mayora, the MDC Youth Assembly deputy organising secretary for Marondera Central was this afternoon released from police custody after he was arrested on charges of undermining the office of the President.

Mayora was arrested last night by police officers from Dombotombo Police Station on instructions from a Zanu PF aspiring candidate, a church pastor only identified as Muraicho.

Charges against Mayora were that the church pastor, Muraicho heard him shouting in a bar in Dombotombo that Zanu PF members should stop bothering beer patrons on the belief that it was their Robert Mugabe who was in charge of the country.

Earlier before his arrest yesterday, Mayora and 14 other MDC youths had made a report at Dombotombo Police Station after a Central Intelligence Organisation operative, only identified as Mashayamombe had fired gunshots at them.

Mashayamombe, Muraicho and another Zanu PF member, Matambudziko Midzi followed them to the police station where they instructed the Officer in Charge, Inspector Enia to arrest the MDC youths but the senior police officer refused and ordered everyone out of the police station.

Incensed by Inspector Enia’s response the Zanu PF members later teamed up with special police constabulary officers who are also Zanu PF supporters and arrested Mayora at his Dombotombo home last night.

He was released this afternoon after the intervention of his lawyers.

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