Update on Service Delivery- Water and Health

Water Situation: Council water is received in some areas for a short time at the end of the month when bills are about to be dispatched. Hatcliffe, Borrowdale and Mount Pleasant areas have not been receiving water for years now. On the 29th of May 2012 some residents received little water in the morning after a full month without water.

The water situation in Hatcliffe has declined again with resident’s now back to drawing water from shallow community wells and UNICEF boreholes while those in low density areas are sinking their own boreholes.

Sewer reticulation remains a dream in the absence of running water in households. Even with septic tanks, they need water so that they can work.

Development of Hatcliffe Extension: The District Officer Mr Innocent Sithole stated that as the residents pay rentals to the Ministry of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development, it is Government that has a mandate to address the needs of the residents in the area like roads, schools etc as they should service the area before handing over the area to council. The District Officer said billing for the area is for those with water connected to municipal water. The rest do not receive any council bills.

Health Situation: At Mount Pleasant and Borrowdale Clinics priority for treatment is given to senior citizens and emergencies before other patients.

A focus group meeting was planned for on 22nd of May 2012 in Hatcliffe 1 but it was cancelled at the last minute due to threats from identified politicians.

Following reports and lobbying from the HRT, a college that housed both a primary and secondary school in the area was closed after residents awakened and started demanding their rights from the authorities. The parents were mainly concerned with the quality of the education that was being given at the illegal institution.

Residents have huge council debts and not all of them are paying. Some residents in both low and high density areas are retired and no pensions have been paid to them e.g. Cimas. Some houses have absentee landlords and both these scenarios make payment of service delivery bills very difficult. If tenants are renting the property, they move to another house as soon as exorbitant amounts accumulate.

The HRT encourages residents to settle their bills for services rendered only.

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