Vabvuwi Guild Founder and President Paul Mudowayo die at 92

Bishop Chad Nicholas Gandiya is sad to announce the death of Sekuru Paul Mudowayo, the Founder and President of the Vabvuwi Guild in the Anglican Church (CPCA) on Thursday 31 May 2012 following a long illness. He was 92 years old.

He leaves behind five daughters and a son Reverend Jonah Mudowayo of the Anglican Church CPCA, based in Chinhoyi, 38 grand children and 32 great grand children. He founded the Vabvuwi Guild in 1948, spending a decade fighting the white Church leadership at the time until the Vabvuwi Guild was officially recognised in the Anglican Church in 1958.

Bishop Chad said: “The Anglican Diocese of Harare (CPCA) is saddened by his death, but believes God has everything planned before it even happens. On behalf of the Diocese and myself, let me convey my deepest condolences to the Mudowayo family on this sad loss.”

The National Chairman of the Vabvuwi Guild Mr Benson Nyakurimwa told CPCA News that they are in a state of shock, although they were aware of his illness over time.

“No words are enough to describe our loss,” Nyakurimwa said. “We are deeply troubled and saddened by his death, at a time when the Vabvuwi Guild is growing and reaching beyond our borders. The elder was giving us regular advice on how to run the affairs of the Guild.

“We do not know where to start but he will be buried at Samanga Village in Honde valley, Mutasa District in Manicaland.”

The Bishop urged the Anglican Church and the wider Christian community to pray for the Mudowayo family during this time of bereavement.

Sekuru Mudowayo was officially married to his long time love Nelia Dete on 1 September 1945 at Samanga Village, Honde Valley, in Mutasa District. They were blessed with their first child, a daughter on 14 February 1948, ending up with five daughters and two boys. One of the boys is now late.

His death comes hardly two years after his wife died, and was buried in his home village.

Sekuru Mudowayo was born in March 1920 at Muterere Village, Nyanga in Manicaland. He went to school up to Standard Two (2) after going through night school. At the age of 22, he says he dreamt about his conversion to Christ, while at St Columbus Bulawayo. As was tradition at the time, he gave his name as Timothy but in a dream a messenger of God re-christened him Paul, and armed him with a spear and an axe, in a dream, inspiring him to found the Vabvuwi Guild, under hostile and at times life threatening circumstances.

The late Mudowayo is revered within the Anglican Church CPCA just as Anglicans view the Martyr Bernard Mizeki, whose death is commemorated by the Anglican Church every year in June.

May his soul rest in peace. For funeral arrangements, please contact Reverend Jonah Mudowayo on his mobile numbers 0772 860 304/ 0773 611 476

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