WOZA stages demo

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) have staged a demonstration at parliament calling for the immediate release of a completed draft constitution that gives power to the people.

More than 400 women who had converged along Nelson Mandela this afternoon holding placards bearing their demands, were later dispersed by police.

“We demand power to the people in all corners of the country,” chanted the women. They vowed to incite a nationwide boycott of any election called for without a new constitution.

“Politicians, be warned, stop your bickering and scheming, WOZA members will mobilize a nationwide boycott of any election called without a new constitution and referendum,” said one of the women taking part in the demonstrations.

The women distributed flyers bearing their demands some of which include; an end to police and military occupation of the streets and an end to elite occupation of the systems of government.

The women vowed to continue staging peaceful demonstrations in the streets and said it is their right to assemble wherever they want and express themselves without fear of arrests by the police. They said devolution of power is also critical and local government and council posts should be accessible to women.

“The head of state has too many powers that continue going unabated for a democracy and the Attorney General has excessive powers which rubberstamps his allegiance to the head of state,” said a woman only identified as Tinashe from Harare, adding that,” We demand dual citizenship because Zimbabweans must be in a position to help rebuild and develop their country.”

National Association for Non Governmental Organisations (NANGO) Deputy Director, Machinda Marongwe last week castigated the Constitution Select Committee (COPAC) for with holding critical information from the nation and failing to avail the national report.

“The politically elite are negotiating the know whether the people’s views have he said.

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