Armed Soldiers cause panic in Makoni South Constituency

An estimated 400 uniformed and armed soldiers are reported to undergoing training in Magondo and Mupanguri villages in Ward 26 of Makoni South. Contacts on the ground have informed the Crisis report team that for just over a week now the sol-diers have been marching every day, mainly at night and in the morning chanting ZANU PF slogans and singing ZANU PF songs.

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The military drills have led to an infor-mal curfew descending on the two villages, as villagers have professed that they are afraid of moving around at night for fear of victimization ( which has taken place a couple of times). While others are reported to have pulled their children out of school in order to avoid having them crossing paths with the soldiers, whose reputation for harassment has spread across the villages. The residents of Ward 26 are clearly dis-turbed by the disturbance to their usually serene and peaceful tilling and farming lifestyle that the unannounced and unexplained presence of the army has wrought.

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