Army should stay away from politics

MDC youth assembly secretary general Promise Mkwananzi has called on soldiers in the lower ranks of the army, most of whom are youths, to stand up and defend the country’s constitution against effortsto subvert people’s wishes by some senior military officials. In an interview with The Zimbabwean, Mkwananzi said the MDC youth wing commemorated the day of the African Child with a message to junior soldiers and police officers to stand up for Zimbabweans, regardless of political affili

Senior army officials have vowed, no other party but Zanu (PF) will rule Zimbabwe.

“MDC youths held several rallies on Saturday to inspire youths across Zimbabwe to remain focused and not to despair. People should not be scared of what some individuals say because most soldiers are young people whowant change,” said Mkwananzi.

Army chief of staff Martin Chedondo and major general Trust Mugobo recently joined the bandwagon of service chiefs openly declaring their allegiance to President Robert Mugabe.

Mugobo reportedly said that military ideology was best represented in Zanu (PF)’s mission. His comments came weeks after Chedondo said military officials should be allowed to participate in political activities.

“Young people are joining the army not because they want to but simply because they do not have other options. We appreciate that they are desperate but we urge them to remain focused and resist temptations to meddle in politics,” said Mkwananzi.

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