Buhera appeals for urgent food aid

Villagers here have appealed to donors for food assistance after failing to produce anything in their fields after another year of drought. “I have not seen a single homestead with good yields. The rains were erratic and there were fertilizer shortages. This is why our crops are a complete write-off,” said George Mutasa of the Zimbabwe Food Assessment Board. Mutasa called for the establishment of irrigation schemes to mitigate the effects of recurrent droughts. He said they would com

Villagers said the situation was compounded by the fact that they had not stored anything because the last season had been bad. Naison Ganda, a subsistence farmer, said: “I have to wait for the next farming season. We now hope that the donor community will rescue us from hunger.”

The ZFAB, which currently runs food security and livelihood programmes in the province to assist the less privileged, said it had launched an appeal to the World Food Programme.

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