Chimbanda’s amazing ‘’leg-work’’

Sanction Chimbanda (10) can weave a basket in two hours using only his legs.

Sanction Chimbanda (10) weaving with his legs.
Sanction Chimbanda (10) weaving with his legs.

He is one of the physically challenged children being taken care of at the Jairos Jiri Centre in Southerton, where they are involved in basket-weaving, bead-making and poultry rearing.

Agnes Chikono, a teacher at the centre, said Jairos Jiri boasted many talented children who were using their skills to produce numerous items.

“Children with disabilities are very talented and, as teachers, we try by all means to identify their talent,’’ she said.

Chikono said the economic downturn had negatively affected the operations of the centre, which battled daily an acute shortage of financial and material resources.

She urged parents with children with disabilities to identify and help refine their talents and encouraged guardians to bring them to institutions like Jairos Jiri to consult experts in child disability.

“We have a lot of people hiding their children at home (out of stigma), but they should not do that because their children are capable of many things,’’ she said.

Jairos Jiri houses 160 children with disabilities but can accommodate 225.

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