Chipangano, Zanu PF product: Dydmus Mutasa

Yesterday, ZANU PF Harare provincial leadership was left biting the dust after the ZANU PF secretary for administration, Mr Didymus Mutasa unmasked Chipangano. The notorious and violent Mbare based youth militia group which is being used by the Harare provincial leadership to unleash violence to any perceived MDC supporter was said to be bringing untold losses to party in terms of people support as opposed to the founding spirit which saw its formation.

Didymus Mutasa
Didymus Mutasa

Mutasa lamented the untold dwindling of the party’s support which has been caused by incessant harassment of commuters, vendors and the ordinary Harare residents by Chipangano.

“Cde Midzi if you tell me that you don’t know that group, I will tell you that you are lying. Instead, I want to know what is not ending it”, said Mutasa. The call by the ZANU PF secretary for administration has come at a time when CHRA has been calling for the disbanding of this notorious group which is allegedly led by Jim Kunaka. However, along the way, some unrepentant ZANU PF functionaries continue to live in denial with regards to Chipangano political ties.

Tendai Savanhu, a well known ZANU PF hardliner who is seriously eyeing the Mbare constituency and is also believed to be one of the core sponsors of the group has been on many occasions quoted dissociating ZANU PF from Chipangano. The same has been done by most of the ZANU PF Harare provincial leadership who were chided at some point by Mrs. Oppah Muchinguri during a joint press conference under the banner of JOMIC castigating fellow political leaders for using the services of Chipangano in their respective areas to advance political gains through violence.

The call by Didymus Mutasa gives us a ray hope but it is up to those who are directly involved to take a great step of compliance in disbanding Chipangano. We are concerned that if the operations of Chipangano continue, City of Harare will continue to lose revenue since it is currently being pocketed by these ZANU PF youths who operate under Chipangano. In the same vein, it is also important to note that the European Union has put non-violent elections as one of the major pre-conditions for the removal of targeted sanctions on Zimbabwe and it will be an important milestone achievement for Zimbabwe if Chipangano is stopped.

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