Dumped DCC officials threaten Mugabe

Disgruntled former DCC members have confided in The Zimbabwean that they will strike back at Zanu (PF) when the “crucial time comes”.

Webster Shamu: a re-positioning strategy.
Webster Shamu: a re-positioning strategy.

“We have been dumped after our images were tarnished in the interest of Mugabe and his liberation party. Now that our services are no longer required for whatever reasons, the ungrateful party leadership decides to humiliate and off-load us just like that. Surely, we would take aim at Zanu (PF) and have the last laugh. We decide the outcome of rural elections and it should not be ruled out that we might help Mugabe’s rivals harvest a bumper vote in the coming election,” said a former DCC official.

To save face and maintain some semblance of visibility, former DCC members in Murewa North are desperately attempting to form youth sport clubs. But the clubs are being shunned by youths who realized that the former DCC members were no longer a factor in Zimbabwe politics.

The party’s National Political Commissar, Webster Shamu, described the disbanding of the DCCs as a strategy to reposition the dying party in the face of changing political dynamics.

Meanwhile, villagers from across Mashonaland East Province have expressed joy at the disbanding of Zanu (PF) District Coordinating Committees, which they described as one of the most brutal terror organs of the former ruling party.

“In Murewa we are celebrating following disbanding of the DCCs. We suffered terror mainly at the hands of identified Zanu (PF) DCC members. Unrepentant members such as Funny Mavhunga openly bragged about having contributed towards the abduction and subsequent elimination of MDC-T Senatorial Candidate for Murewa, Shepard Jani. Now that the overzealous culprits have been abandoned by their party, we can heave a sigh of relief,” said an excited villager who chose not to be identified for security reasons.

“All our political tormentors were DCC members. They would visit the district by day and night and organise torture bases. Innocent and defenseless villagers would be tortured or killed for their political choice. The main such DCC actor here was Shepard Katerere who instilled fear in every villager. Their primitive and coercive type of politics was however a blessing in disguise for Mugabe’s rivals, as villagers realized it was evil to be associated with a devilish political grouping,” said a Mupazviriwo villager on condition of anonymity.

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