Fear our greatest enemy: Makoni

The single most urgent task facing the nation is to help people overcome the fear that paralyses almost everyone, says Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn President Simba Makoni. Speaking at the third anniversary of his party’s launch, he said people lived in fear of physical harm, fear of material privation, fear of discrimination and fear of exclusion from community or national participation.

Simba Makoni
Simba Makoni

Even those responsible for dispensing the fear were themselves fearful of losing power and privileges, Makoni added.

Despite considerable economic achievements brought about by the inclusive government including the revival of social services like health and education, Makoni said the national economy was still in decline.

“In spite of suggestions that the economy is growing, the reality on the ground is: more families cannot put enough food on their tables; fewer children are going to school; those few employed are learning less; fewer people can afford basic health and hygiene; communal farmers who for years, were feeding the whole country and producing maize for export, now depend on food aid,” Makoni said.

Makoni said government had betrayed the ideals of the struggle for independence which waged a war against an oppressive and discriminatory system.

“If it was wrong for the colonial system to deny others their full rights, and it was right for such a system to be overthrown, is it any different now? Particularly for those who went through General Tongo’s and General Masuku’s training camps, it is sobering to remind ourselves of Nzira dzeMasoja’, the code of conduct for revolutionary combatants,” Makoni said.

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