Heavy fine for ZESA power line damage

Adam Taima Kambezu (28) was convicted by the Magistrates Court last week of destroying electricity power-lines and ordered to pay the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority $4,200 or spend 12 months in prison.

Kambezu, who is unemployed, felled a tree for firewood. It fell on some power lines and caused a power blackout.

“I had the blessing of a local town councillor to cut down the tree. It was far from the power lines but it fell on another tree whose branch subsequently hit the ZESA lines. I did not destroy the power lines intentionally, but an unexpected change of direction by the wind resulted in the tree falling towards the power lines,” said Kambetu.

He suggested to the court that as he was self-employed and earning an average $10 per day, it would take him no less than a year to raise the $4,200 cash restitution. The magistrate advised him to venture into some form of farming at the family home and raise the money, since sending him to jail would not be in his best interests as a first time offender.

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