Kay’s CDF toilet invaded

A public town centre toilet refurbished by Marondera Urban Member of Parliament, Iain Kay, has been invaded and turned into home by a mentally challenged former soldier.

The invader, popularly known as Gunners, forced open locked doors to the toilet and stayed put before the facility was officially opened for public use. He has vandalized recently installed plumbing material, peeled off part of the plaster, soiled the new paint with smoke from burnt car tyres and printed ‘Vote Zanu (PF)’ on the walls.

“Gunners has made the toilet a no-go area for the public as he regards it as his personal home. To make matters worse, he relieves himself wherever he pleases around the building. Kay had done a commendable job for the community as the refurbished toilet was the only one available for free at the town centre. We also feel that had Kay officially opened the toilet without delays, it would not have been invaded,” said Marian Mvudura, a vegetable vendor at the bus terminus.

Kay told an all stakeholders meeting held at council chambers last Thursday he had sub-contracted a private company to make necessary refurbishments. “If everything goes according to plan, the toilet will be open to the public within the next two weeks,” he said.

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