Makoni warns security forces

Simba Makoni has warned security forces against abusing their office by participating in politics.

Simba Makoni:  I feel pity because I grew up in Zanu (PF).
Simba Makoni: I feel pity because I grew up in Zanu (PF).

The Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn president and former Zanu (PF) politburo member said securocrats should resign if they want to join politics.

“Any citizen has a right to participate in politics, hold a political view and to support a political organisation of her (or his) choice”.

“What is not acceptable is for someone in office to abuse that office. If Brigadier (Douglas) Nyikayaramba wants to be the political commissar of Zanu PF he is welcome. But he must resign from the army first,” said Makoni in an interview following his party’s anniversary celebrations at the weekend.

Security forces, coordinated by the Joint Operations Command, which brings together army, police and intelligence chiefs, have been making political statements recently in support of Zanu (PF) and President Robert Mugabe.

This is not new. The late army General Vitalis Zvinavashe, Prisons chief retired Major General Paradzai Zimondi and Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri have vowed not to salute a democratically elected leader who is not President Mugabe or without war credentials.

Makoni said the statements did not reflect the position of the security forces as they were being made by a few elite members.

“I know the men and women of the Zimbabwe National Army, the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the other security forces – they do not subscribe to this notion. They will salute anyone who is elected by the people,” said Makoni.

He said both Nyikayaramba and President Robert Mugabe were guilty of dereliction of their constitutional responsibility, and added that Zanu (PF) “no longer exists among the people”.

“The party has failed to adapt to the new world it remains stuck in the past. The implosion that represented the DCCs illustrates the extent not only of internal conflict, but now importantly the alienation of the party from the people.

“I feel pity because I grew up in Zanu (PF). It was not an easy decision for me to leave – it was like a son leaving home. But one has to do what he has to do – you follow your conviction not sentiment.”

Reflecting on the three years that MKD has been operating as a party Makoni said the environment had been hostile because opposition parties are not given equal space with Zanu (PF) to airwaves.

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