Moneygram winners announced

The winners of a competition between Moneygram and Brussels Airlines were announced at a ceremony in London yesterday.

The prize, a return ticket to any of Brussels Airlines’ destinations in Africa, was open to anyone sending money to Africa using Moneygram during an eight week period from 10 April to 10 June earlier this year.

Four winners were announced, but only Agnes Gitau, the CEO of London Africa Media Network, was able to collect her prize.

“This is the first time I’ve won anything, so I’d like to say a big thankyou to Moneygram and Brussels Airlines,” she said. “I fly from London to Kenya regularly so this will really help!”

Since its formation in 2002 Brussels Airlines has expanded to 21 African destinations, and even has a subsidiary based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Korongo Air, operating out of Lubumbashi Airport.

Addressing an audience of African media and communications experts, officials from both sponsoring companies spoke about the new economic opportunities on the continent for businesses.

“We operate in 194 countries worldwide, and around 50 of those are in Africa,” said Oluwaseyi Oke, marketing executive at Moneygram, “so Africa is a central part of our business plan for the future.”

Benoît Bastens, European brand manager for Brussels Airlines, said he welcomed the partnership, which he hoped would increase brand awareness in Africa.

“We have conducted an extensive cross promotion using television, the press, radio, street marketing, and online marketing because we see huge potential for growth across Africa,” Bastens said. “By early 2013 all of our Airbus aircraft flying to Africa will be outfitted with a brand new interior, including fully flat business class beds and screens on every seat in economy class,” he said.

The airline teamed with Moneygram in part because of the money sending experts’ extensive on the ground experience in Africa.

“We guarantee that any payment will arrive at the destination within ten minutes, which has proved popular amongst the African diaspora in the UK,” Oke said. “Our customers can now also send money online from the comfort of their home, so we felt a new online cross-promotion could really benefit our African customers, which it appears to have done.”

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