Mupamhanga dismissed over Mangoma issue

The permanent secretary in the Ministry of Energy, Justin Mupamhanga, was sacked because he failed to produce enough evidence to implicate his minister, Elton Mangoma, in the fuel scam.


Impeccable sources from the Public Service Commission said Mupamhanga, a former member of the Central Intelligence Organisation, was relieved of his duties for “failing to convincingly produce facts” that would land Mangoma in prison for sabotaging the state.

“His dismissal was political because he failed to falsely incriminate Mangoma, who was innocent. So the state decided to relieve him of his duties,” said the source.

Permanent secretaries are appointed by President Robert Mugabe and their positions are therefore political.

Mupamhanga was forced to implicate Mangoma for authorising the purchase of five million litres of diesel from a South African company without going to tender.

The source said Mupamhanga’s credibility as a state witness was called into question by his statements in court.

“Mupamhanga openly said he could not judge the Minister's actions towards us and that angered the state as a permanent secretary is supposed to fully represent government,” he said.

During the trial, defence lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa’s cross-examination of Mupamhanga led to the case being thrown out.

In trying to implicate Mangoma, Mupamhanga said a draft forensic audit had revealed that $35 million might have been misappropriated at Noczim but this failed to hold water as evidence was not there.

"There was a forensic audit conducted through the Comptroller and Auditor-General. The company that was engaged has produced a draft report so I cannot rightfully answer to the $35 million because I have not seen the final report," he said.

He said he did not report the matter to either the police or the Attorney-General's Office because he could not base any allegations on a draft report.

The innocent Mupamhanga said he had not suspended any of the implicated managers because he was waiting to hear their side of the story and he had not presented a final report to the board.

He said he was aware that Mangoma had made a report to the AG's Office on the matter.

Meanwhile, the source also alleged that the permanent secretary for education, Stephen Mahere, had been dismissed after he demanded a vehicle from the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund.

“That also angered Mugabe, leading into untimely termination of his duties,” he said.

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