Oxfam GB helps combat siltation

An international agency, Oxfam GB, is working with local communities to develop projects that address the root causes of the siltation of rivers and dams.

Experts have established that land degradation and climate change are some of the causes of the siltation, which has affected rivers and water sources nationwide. Oxfam is currently involved in two projects in Gutu and Seke districts.

The projects are focusing on climate change adaptation while also putting emphasis on sustainable natural resource management to reverse the siltation. Oxfam is helping local beneficiaries with knowledge on how to avoid siltation of water sources as well as how to conserve the environment, while providing income generating ventures to reduce vulnerabilities caused by climate change and riverine degradation.

In Gutu, Oxfam is helping local communities on the Mataruse Small Dam project while in Seke, the agency has set up the Mahusekwa Social Entrepreneurship project.

“Siltation of the (dams) is having a heavy toll on the community and its livelihoods,’’ said programme office Sebastien Grey, adding that it had drastically reduced water for domestic and agricultural purposes.

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