Parly schedules more sittings

Both Houses of Parliament sat last week before adjourning until July 10. They will hold several extra sessions during July to deal with urgent business, including the Electoral Amendment and Human Rights Commission Bills.Both these important Bills are expected to come up in the House of Assembly on 10th July. Passing both of them is part of the Roadmap to Elections. In addition, the Mid-Term Financial Statement/Budget will be presented on July 12.

Two weeks ago the Minister of Finance, Tendai Biti, warned MPs of “a major revision” of his $4 billion 2012 Budget, saying: “Part of the major revision arises out of the underperformance of the revenue targets. I can tell you that between January and May 2012, we have failed to meet our revenue target by $194 million. Therefore, the figure of $4 billion is going to be revised downwards”.

As a result of these extra sittings the opening of the next session of Parliament, originally scheduled for July 17, will probably only take place in August.

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