Power cuts threaten viability of flower growers

Power cuts have hit the horticulture industry hard, with growers unable to irrigate flowers for long periods.

The president of The Zimbabwe Flower Growers Association, Pardon Muusha, said last week that in some areas farmers were getting only two hours of power, despite ZESA’s promises to ensure 21 hours to the sector that depends on electricity to power irrigation pumps.

“Flowers have not been irrigated for a month in the main flower producing areas in Vumba as ZESA has let us down badly. Production has plummeted and we have been unable to meet our export orders,” he said.

“The viability of flower growers has been seriously threatened and the biggest challenge is remaining in this industry,” he added.

ZESA’s inability over the years to boost generation capacity at its ageing power stations and the money to import adequate electricity from neighbouring countries has left Zimbabwe grappling with severe power shortages.

Commercial consumers have to endure long periods without electricity, which analysts say is crippling efforts to revive the economy.

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