Banana project helps 240 farmers

At least 240 small-scale irrigation farmers in Mutema village are set to benefit from Matanuska Company’s banana plantation project.

Banana plantation brings hope.
Banana plantation brings hope.

The villagers will receive inputs and training during a five-year contract, says the company’s liaison officer, Crispen Manyuchi.

“The results we are getting from the demonstration fields, where four farmers work one hectare of the plantation, is showing great potential,” he added.

Farmers have welcomed the project as they have been suffering since the demise of tomato and beans farming projects in their area. One of the farmers, Lebous Mashango, said the project was a relief to the perennial water problems faced since the breakdown of water pumps in 2000.

Another beneficiary, Egnes Mlambo said the project was a welcome development because tomatoes and beans which they used to grow for cash were no-longer fetching good money on the market.

Mlambo said the company had promised them loans to cater for their basic household needs as they work on their banana plantations. “We agreed to repay the loans once we sell our bananas. This is real empowerment of communities and we are grateful for the initiative.

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