Classified: 30 August 2012

The Mbekile Sithole of 597 Makokoba is no more she worked for W. Vision in Kezi buried in Mtshabezi. Please help me trace her relatives.

If you are looking for a job, small business funds or opportunities, sponsorships join our life enriching campaign by texting us your dream to 35571 or join us on facebook: construction Investment. For more call Elvyin the Dream Coach on 0760190664.

I am trying to find out more about my husband ‘s natural father, Jack van Rooyen, who apparently was a professional boxer in Bulawayo about the time of his birth in 1936. I cannot locate any mention of him on the Internet. I do know he was killed in a fight with a knife sometime. If anyone knows anything about this, or can direct me to the Zimbabwe Boxing Association, if that still exists, I would be most grateful. – [email protected]

Mr. Reginald Gweshe. You injured my leg with your in a recent accident in

Harare on 29 June, 2012. In the process you went on to destroy my shoe and l am still nursing the injuries l sustained from that accident.

You have not honoured up to your commitments and hope you will contact me. Why did you give me an unreachable contact number? You have an obligation of replacing my shoes you damaged but is that fair and good when you run away from me?

True gentlemen from the

President’s office do not behave like you are doing. Get in touch with me to finalise this issue. – W. Mawire

Hero worship is a sin, i m looking forward to seeing a party that views things differently. Demolish the national shrine. Patakabvisa Ishe komborera tikati neropa ramagamba ndipo patakairasa. Jesu ndishe. Shumba Shirichena 0719602623

Ngibingelela amaform 4 ka1997 eDlamini secondary scheseTsholotsho.Ngisalikhumbula zitshomi.Lingaliqhubanjani empilweni. NginguKhawulani Sibanda. Inombolozo cingozithi 0846912799.

Found in Musina, at a clinic, is a Zimbabwean metal ID card for Hwanyanya Edah. Please contact M. Phiri on 074 693 0043 for collection or dispatch preferable. W S O k (Nelspruit)

Bad news that ZANU PF refuses devolution of power means slavery especially in 3 provinces which were developed in 70s and was over.

I am looking for Fenn

Gascoigne of Pluck mill, Frampton Mansel, and Gloucestershire. Call or send messages to Goddie on 0733141016 Harare.

For stained teeth, bad breathe, and mouth infections, buy our tooth gel R65 for sparkling teeth .Lin

Johannesburg 002782972193

Miraculous drink for H.I.V + cancer, for people who need immune boosters call Lin Johannesburg 0027829721293

Ndirikutsvagawo Emily

Selemani anobvakwa Chirumhanzu. Ndakapedzisira kumuona kuKwekwe muna 2000. Ndinogara muJohannesburg ndini Joe Dengu ndinobatika pa0742396139

Ndirikutsvaga Jafinos mushoriwa aishandira kuGweru ari driver wemasoja. Ndakapedzisira kumuona 1994 kuBulawayo my cell 0782288316 Sithembiso Nyawema

I am a Zimbabwean guy 36yrs looking for a

Zimbabwean woman to merry. Only those who are not working. I am in Limpopo contact 0743284065

I am looking for a lady from Zimbabwe phone 0843421330 Hazy view South. Africa.

A 38 year old guy looking for a shona Zimbabwean girlfriend around

Johannesburg age 30 to 40 i stay in Newtown call Moses on 0735415677

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