Livestock thief tracked down

Cases of livestock theft are on the rise, with a man sentenced to nine months in jail last week for stealing a goat.

The theft of livestock is on the rise.
The theft of livestock is on the rise.

Mutare magistrate Charles Murove last week sentenced Taurayi Muguyo, 34, a villager from Mukono Village, to nine months imprisonment, for stealing a goat belonging to Miriam Manyande valued at $30,00.

It is reported that on July 21, Muguyo stole the goat from its pen during the night. The following morning Nyamande realized it was missing and notified the villagers. Together they tracked the footprints to Muguyo’s home where they found the animal.

Muguyo pleaded guilty to the offense.

When asked by the magistrate why he had stolen the goat, Muguyo said: “I love goat meat and I was so hungry for it.”

Magistrate Murove said cases of livestock theft were on the increase and the courts had to issue harsh sentences to deter criminals.

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