Massive VID scam

Police have launched investigations into a scandal over issuing of learner drivers’ licences by the Vehicle Inspection Department, VID.

Some VID officers have been accused of purchasing personal fleets of commercial trucks and multiple residential properties by a disgruntled whistle blower only identified as Maja – a former driving school instructor who was dismissed due to lack of professional qualifications.

Inspectors with VID and learner driver instructors with local driving schools were summoned to Marondera Provincial Police Headquarters last week for interrogation. Working in cahoots with driving school instructors, VID inspectors allegedly demanded an average $150 kickback from learner drivers for them to be issued with drivers’ licences without passing the test.

“Given the magnitude of the scandal, investigating officers had to be brought from Harare to help. Some breakthrough has been made in the case and investigations are in progress. A recorded audio tape of discussions between the whistle blower, driving school instructors and some VID officers is being used as part of the evidence,” said a senior cop who did not want to be identified.

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